Bears Could Get Extinct in a Few Years, Say Scientists

Updated: Mar 3

This blog is about saving a beautiful, majestic creature from extinction. The reason I chose this topic is because this is very important for me, and any other person who values nature.

Bears Could Get Extinct in a Few Years

Bears are probably the most iconic animals in Russia. They’re so beneficial to the ecosystem of Russia that they’re even on their coat of arms. But how many people actually know about these large mammals? And how many people can say that they’ve done anything to help save the bear species from extinction?

A leading wildlife expert in the U.K., Steve Backshall, scientists are saying that bears could go extinct in a few years. The only way we can help stop this is by taking action.

Isn’t it great that there are people who have dedicated their lives to saving the world? I’m talking about scientists and researchers that hunt for the truth and help us understand more about what is going on in the world.

Bears are one of the most awe inspiring creatures on this planet. Bears are cute and cuddly. I’ve been told that they make great pets. They are a massive force of nature that have been around for hundreds of thousands of years.

If you love animals, then you’ve probably heard about the worldwide war on poaching. Unfortunately, some species are being hunted to extinction. Bears could be one of them.

To end bear hunting and poaching, we need to take action to prevent illegal hunting and poaching. We also should consider reorganizing bear habitats in order to protect the animals.

American black bears could disappear from large parts of the United States within 35 years if hunting and habitat destruction continue at current rates, scientists are warning after a survey found that their numbers have fallen dramatically.

You’ve probably heard of climate change, which has the biggest effect on our wildlife. The polar bear population has been hit hard by the warming temperatures. It seems that just when we need them most, great white bears could become extinct.


Are you worried about the future of bears? Even if you’re not, then your grandchildren may be. We can play a part in helping to save these animals from extinction. We need to take actions that protect their habitats and that help them to reproduce more often. It is something we can do for our children, our grandchildren and for generations to come.

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