Facts about Elephants You Didn’t Know

Elephants are one of earth's biggest animals, and one of the most intelligent animals on earth. We're here to change the way people see elephants for the betterment of their environment.

Facts about Elephants

Did You Know - Facts about Elephants (DYK)?

DYK that the Elephant is the largest land animal on earth?

DYK that Elephants have a biomass of over 5.5 million kg's, have up to 2,000 teeth and are able to drink 300 liters of water in just 15 minutes?

DYK that an elephant's trunk is used for breathing, lifting water, drinking and smelling?

DYK that baby elephants can swim before they can even walk?

DYK that elephants have the best memory?

DYK that they have a great sense of smell?

DYK the Queen Of England owns "Dry" the only elephant in captivity that is not allowed to drink alcohol!?

DYK that the total weight of all elephant body parts if placed on a single scale would equal more than 12 African Elephants?

DYK that they can find water in the desert?

DYK that elephants have the longest pregnancy in the animal kingdom, at almost 5 1/2 months?

DYK that their hearts can weigh up to 20 pounds and pump almost 12 gallons of blood with each beat.

We hope these amazing facts about Elephants help to enrich your day.

There are many things about elephants we do not know, even though people have worked for so long to study them. As time passes by elephants remain as mysterious as ever. The 21st century has brought a whole lot of information about elephants from research as well as from various eyewitness accounts and findings around the world. Elephants eat less than 400 pounds per day, and their teeth can weigh over 27 pounds each! They can detect water six miles away through their trunk. The skin’s top layer of an elephant is 1/20th of an inch! That’s why lions are afraid of them.

Elephants are known to roam through the tropical forests of Central and East Africa as well as in South Asia. It is estimated that there are approximately 14 million elephants roaming between these areas, making them one of the most numerous mammals on Earth. It’s been said that elephants never forget, but you know what else they don’t forget? Their impact on the environments they live in.

Have you ever wondered how elephants help our environment and the forest grow?

Elephants live in large groups which help them to survive and eat. They also play a big part in keeping the environment in forests clean because they eat so much and their waste helps fertilize the land.

Elephants have been playing a very important role in the ecosystem of our environment and forest as they help it grow by digging holes and ingesting and redistributing tree seeds that produce better plants. They play an extremely important role in taking care of the cycles of nature. They consume food from the plants and trees which is not yet digested. This results in the process of fermentation which leads to the formation of gas like methane and carbon dioxide. These gas are later released back into the atmosphere after a period that ranges from several years to several decades.

Elephants are important to the regeneration of plant species. This is because they defecate during a journey and seeds from various plants may be deposited, which help the plants grow. Elephant dung can help regenerate forest cover. They help prevent fires by keeping vegetation cut down and reducing tree density. Life without elephants would mean an explosion of vegetation that would cause another problem. Plant diversity would suffer.

A study in South Africa revealed that leaves trimmed by elephants had more protein than those that were untouched. Animals who feed on such leaves soon exhibit faster growth too, even when they don’t get to eat as much thanks to the higher nutrient content in the leaves.


Elephants are essential for the survival of their habitat. They are magnificent creatures which make space for other animals to live in. Elephants are key to keeping the ecosystem healthy, but only if they remain at a sustainable population level!

Elephants help our forest grow in many ways that we’ve never even thought about before. Elephants are the unsung heroes of our forests.

Elephants need our help, they are in danger of extinction. They are culturally important and they are needed to maintain the environment because they are keystone species.

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