How You Can Actually Make A Difference In Animal Welfare.

Updated: Mar 3

Make A Difference In Animal Welfare

We often hear of stories pertaining to how people hurt, harm and beat animals for various reasons. On the other hand we do hear stories about how people have been working on projects that seek to improve the lives of billions of non-human animals living in shelters or on the streets. There are many things that individuals can do to help make a difference for animals.

You’re probably reading this post, because you want to help some animals. No questions asked. You see homeless creatures and they make your heart sore, or you happen to be just as a random observer who saw a stray puppy in the city park and felt like something should be done about it. We all started from there — with good intentions— but some of us became frustrated with the lack of results. Why is helping homeless animals so hard?

Whether you’re a pet owner or not, the topic of homeless animals is definitely a heartbreaking one. It’s frightening to think about how many dogs, cats and other creatures are stuck in shelters, wondering when someone will come find them a forever home.

We live in a generation that is not only aware about their health and fitness but also about their surroundings. We know the importance of eating clean foods, we have learnt to respect nature, recycle waste; basically living an eco-friendly life. But the most important aspect of everything I just mentioned is respect for our fellow creatures!

People all over the world are wondering how they can donate to help stray animals and homeless creatures for their betterment of lives. These people don’t need money or food. They need help from good people, who care enough to sacrifice a little of their own time. But let's face it: everybody is busy these days, so these animal-lovers will be losing valuable time if they have to run around reading dozens of web-sites and blogs, asking people, working it out by themselves. And that’s why Our Animals website is HERE!

If you love animals and hate to see them suffer, then you probably want to help. But how do you help if you don’t know how or where? If that’s the case, I have some good news for you! We have a website with a donate page to do this and the funds you share will be used to build a new health app for helping homeless, stray and hurt animals around the world.


If you're going to wish yourself and your family good physical health, be sure to get animals involved with it. Your funds turn out into a medical app for animals, you can make sure your help is not wasted. Donations go to animals that really need help and make a difference today.

Now let us know in the comments section, what all the things you have done to help homeless animals !

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