Sea Turtles Dying in Droves?

Updated: Mar 3

It’s sad to learn that sea turtles are dying in droves because of pollution and animal welfare. There are reasons why we protect animals and keep them out of harm's way. They should not be subjected to cruel treatment by humans in most circumstances.

Sea Turtles Dying in Droves

Pollution is all over the news. You can’t escape it, and it’s affecting everything and everyone that we care about. But what has that got to do with sea turtles? Well let me explain.

Atlantic turtles, these creatures have been around for over 110 million years. They are considered a living fossil because of the little to no physical change in the species. The biggest threat to sea turtles is climate change. Sea turtles breathe air, just like humans. Their habitat is affected by rising temperatures and therefore so are they.

As the world slowly and gradually is turning into a concrete jungle with easier means of transport, caging humans and animals in small spaces, the change in climate and increase in carbon dioxide levels has given rise to ocean acidification. Ocean acidification has become an impending threat to animals that depend on seagrass beds as well as sea turtles which lay their eggs on beaches.

Every year, 100,000 baby sea turtles from the Eastern Pacific are accidentally caught in shrimp nets and end up dying. This is a problem that has been happening for years now and we can’t let it continue!

We all know sea turtles are dying in droves in the Gulf of Mexico and that humans are largely to blame. The recent oil spill, because of its location and especially because of the time of year at which it happened, has impacted sea turtles that come to the area to mate.

We all know about the plight of polar bears finding it difficult to find food, deer suffering from brain diseases due to exposure to mercury, and sea turtles losing their homes. But there are other wild animals that are facing a worsening fate. The current estimates suggest that there could be more than 100 million sea turtles in the world, but they are continuing to suffer as they die in droves every year.


With the ever-growing mass production and consumption of products, pollution has become a major threat to human beings as well as all living species. And it does not stop there; pollution is a threat to plant life, wildlife and our very existence on this planet. There is no doubt that we must change our ways or face the consequences of irreversible damage to the environment around us.

The world is being polluted by humans, we all know it. But there aren't really many statistics about. Maybe that's why recycling and carbon footprint are important issues to be aware of now more than ever as a part of the global society. So help spread awareness and spread the word on how pets like these sea turtles should not die just because they swim in our oceans.

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