Unknown Facts About Cockfighting

Today I’ve decided to write about cockfighting. Perhaps many people don’t know about it yet, so if you want to learn a few interesting things about cockfighting, keep reading!


The fact is, cockfighting- a blood sport between two roosters, in which the animals fight each other, sometimes to death; is illegal in just about everywhere.

Cockfighting is generally illegal in the United States, although some states still allow it under certain conditions, such as Mississippi and Utah.

Cockfighting is also legal on tribal lands in the United States, including the Cherokee Nation, which has passed a law against dog fighting but not cockfighting.

In Mexico, cockfighting is legal and very popular in some areas. There are many other parts of the world that allow cockfighting including the Philippines, Cuba and South Africa.

Cockfighting or Gallicinio is the Senegalese national sport and is still very popular even though it has been banned for half a century (Gallicinio was only legalized in 2002). It is a source of pride for many and considered as an inherent part of the Senegalese culture. It is the equivalent of bullfighting in Spain or sumo in Japan.

Cocks are feathered predatory birds belonging to the same family as fowls, turkeys and grouses . A cock is in fact a male chicken . Ring-necked or Jersey hens will not lay eggs if kept with cocks. At best they can only produce infertile eggs, however they might lay fertile eggs when separated from the cocks.

Various forms of cockfighting can be seen in countries throughout the world.

More than 60 countries in the world still practice cockfighting and are mainly done for gambling.

According to some historians, it was the first entertainment that people have ever invented.

The word "cock" came from the Roman word "Gallus", which was meant for a fighting chicken of any breed or gender.

Cockfighting also called Gallo or Game fowl fighting.

The rooster is the male chicken capable of reproducing. Hens cannot—their anatomy simply doesn’t support it. When a rooster dies, the hens don’t look for a replacement, hence the fertility rate sharply shrinks down.


Cockfighting is cruel and sad, and is seen as a sport. While cockfighting has been illegal in the U.S. since 2008, it still goes on today. Cockfighting is like watching two young humans beat each other up, including their spurs on their legs, which are razor-sharp weapons. I know that animal cruelty isn’t right under any circumstances, so don’t fight animals – any animal!

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