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App Helps

Technology is evolving faster than ever and with it, new ways to help animals around the world. We are proud to introduce an app for animals, a groundbreaking app that is the first of its kind to help prevent animal disease and suffering worldwide. Apps for pets will empower us to do good in new ways that were previously unimaginable.


Animal Cruelty

The app shall have many features, however the most important one is to help reduce animal cruelty. This can be done by adding a feature to report animal abuse or track lost animals or anything that helps reduce animal cruelty.

Latest News

This app will help you to stay updated about environmental problems or emergencies worldwide. Your number one source for all the updates and news about any environmental or wildlife damages. You can check all free informative blogs on pet care which you would love to access.

Track Records

With this mobile application functionality, we can track the health status of your pet, keep an electronic record of vaccinations, medications, and other medical treatments as well as track health information for pets to better protect everyone in our communities.

Purrfect Picture

We believe that pets make the best companions known to humans. We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words so we help animal lovers tell their love stories through visual storytelling via email.

Nearest clinic

This mobile app that helps you find the nearest clinic, hospital or doctor in your area. It is easy to use, allows you to view opening hours, addresses, maps and directs you with turn by turn navigation.

Emergency Help

Every 4 seconds, an animal is hurt by humans. Give information about any accidents that you find on the roads. Our team members will reach there and save lives!